Friday, August 26, 2011

Sir Zaid Hamid blasted and exposed SAFMA

Alhamdolillah! Sir Zaid Hamid blasted and exposed SAFMA on Dr Shahid Masood's program which was aired tonight at 11pm on Express News. SAFMA sent Marvi Sermid to defend it, but she goofed up big time and spoke all the venom they had against Pak Army, Pakistan and its sacred ideology. Entire SAFMA is exposed after program goes on air, Allah o Akbar!

By Allah, after our recording today at Express TV with Dr. Shahid Masood, even we were surprised at the hate and rage which SAFMA has for Islamic ideology of Pakistan, Allama Iqbal and two nation theory which forms the spiritual basis of this Pak Sarzameen! The hatred which SAFMA had for army, ISI, Kashmir Jihad, objectives resolution and Islamic clauses of our constitution was breathtaking! Uffff! Then they ask what proof do I have that they are on RAW agenda!!!

SAFMA munafiqs were moving heavens and earth to block the program! SAFMA means south asia FREE MEDIA media association :) . It was a fair debate. why are they try to block it? They claim they believe in free media and free speech! Look at their munafiqat and hypocrisy! Liars and traitors they are. Now they are desperate and scared that because their real sick face comes out in the open.

Alhamdolillah, now you have seen the filth SAFMA kept hidden in their hearts. They want to destroy Pakistan's Islamic ideology and identity. Their agenda is of RAW and Indian foreign office. Express TV censored the names we took. Those were Imtiaz Alam and Nusrat Javed from SAFMA. Now Marvi is saying that she does not represent SAFMA and those were her own views!! Hundreds of calls were made by SAFMA to Dr. Shahid to block the program. May Allah give barakah to Dr. Shahid, he took a brave stand!

Please do not be abusive to that lady. Please do not use indecent words for her. We respect women irrespective of their faith or opinion. We are NOT like them. Our target was to expose SAFMA and alhamdolillah, we have done it. Now if they want to see us in court, we are ready alhamdolillah and would bring much more from their own archives to get them banned in Pakistan. We had told you -- they will start the war and inshAllah, we will finish it for them! Remain dignified and decent all the times!


  1. Excellent Program

    Absolutely perfect reply "Maffi, Sawal hi paida nahi hota" :-D

    sir Zaid ,extremist religious organization k agey nahi jhukey, in corrupt, drinker and lechery k agey sorry karien ge ;)

    now SAFMA make an abuse, and exposed his entire game, Thumb down, Nadeem F Paracha n Fasi Zaka

  2. people like Marvi should be kicked off and sent to india .

    She had no valid point. Whenever she is asked to speak on facts she just role the whole scene