Friday, August 26, 2011

Launch a Cyber War on Israel

It is impractical to talk about launching military offensives on Israel because it is way too powerful than its neighbors as they have got their big daddy...the supply them with aid to continue terrorism.

We could try economic boycott but this idea too seems to be failing hopelessly. Internet users have shouted themselves hoarse trying to knock sense into Muslims by making us aware about I
sraeli brands and pleading us to stop consuming them. But all their efforts have gone down the drain.

So what do we do? How do we bring the Israeli terrorists to their knees?

What we need now is a cyber war.

All Muslim hackers should launch consolidated attacks on Israel. Attack their government websites, telecom infrastructure, banks and all network-based operations by launching a "distributed denial of services" (DDoS) offensive. Such an attack should cripple Israel.

I myself am no computer hacker. But history confirms that such an attack has a good chance of succeeding...
Who could believe that USA, which is the most fortified state in the world could be successfully attacked by terrorists. Yet in 2002, chinese hackers launched a wave of attacks on several US military installations including the Army Information Systems Engineering Command and Missile Defense Agency. US government code-named this offensive as "Titan Rain" and during this breach, 10-20 Terabytes of data was downloaded.
In 2008, Russia used DDoS attack on Georgia along with its physical offensive causing trouble for important websites and clogging up of the internet.

Just imagine hundreds of thousands of hackers attacking Israel. At least a few of them would definitely succeed. And then Israel may suffer a communication blackout. Banks would make huge losses. It would definitely force Israel to stop its terrorism.

So it is my plea to everyone...spread the idea of CYBER WAR ON ISRAEL.

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  1. The problem is that you are not the same one that killed an Israeli Palestinian, Israeli for you is worth all the palesinos. I talk of extremism of the two sides? You see, the Palestinians have not attacked anyone and even lived with Jews without problems until the birth of Zionism.700000 obvious smooth Palestinians who fled their land because of Jewish Zionist paramilitary terrorism,